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From grape to glass...

Majestic has spent over 40 years building relationships with growers and producers across the globe: from big brand names to small family vineyards. In fact, there's a good chance some of our store colleagues will have spent time in those vineyards, harvesting grapes and really understanding the magic of how the juice gets in the bottle! That relationship is incredibly important. For us, it means that, when our colleagues talk to customers about the products we sell, they really know what they're talking about. And, for our suppliers, it means they can be confident their products are in good hands - because they know we present them with the same care and love as they would themselves.

Working with Majestic gives us a great route into the UK market. It's a relationship we've cherished for over a decade - with the ability to sell interesting, bespoke parcels alongside a core offering - key to our development as a winery. Plus, with Majestic, you know the wines will be sold by experts on the shop-floor to truly engaged customers"

James Kingslake,
Domaine Begude

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Kangarilla Road enjoys a strong 20 year partnership with Majestic Wine. As UK's largest specialist wine retailer, we find Majestic to be refreshingly down to earth. They have managed to stay ahead of the game presenting an extraordinary range of fine wines fronted by enthusiastic staff who have wine running through their veins! Majestic staff are the most educated group of people I have experienced working in wine retail at this level and we love their passion!"

Kevin O'Brien,
Owner/Winemaker. Kangarilla Road

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One of the things we love about working with Majestic, and that sets them apart from their competitor set, is that they are so quick to react and can move at speed to get exciting new wines in front of their customers. They are less afraid to take a chance than other retailers, and want to be ahead of the curve in terms of bringing interest and newness to their customers. We've worked with Majestic since we started as a business 7 years ago, and have launched some amazing wines with them throughout this time."

Claire Greenwood,
Head of Off Trade Sales. North South Wines LTD

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